Up and Running

Dayton, OH Susie Stein

Google map image centered on Up and Running, 6123 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45459
6123 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45459

In the early 2000s Susie Stein saw an opportunity in the Dayton running community. With no stores in the area that catered to the middle-to-back of the pack runner or female athlete, she focused on opening a store that was all-inclusive of everyone lacing up a running or walking shoes.

Now with two locations, Up and Running is home to great staff and great running communities.

“The days used to be pretty quiet with a couple of staff holding the fort down all day long,” Stein said of the early shop days. “Now every day is hustle and bustle! No more time to read Runners World during quiet hours!”

On top of partnering with many local 5Ks that benefit charities, Up and Running is actively involved with Girls on the Run Dayton. They also offer running groups, masters swimming, cycling and yoga - all in addition to specific training programs for races from the 5K up to marathon.

It’s not just their community involvement that makes this store great. Stein prides herself on her staff.

“My team is better than most,” she said. “We are not just runner centric, we are the every active person. Our staff provides a very personalized and methodic fit approach for every customer.”

As the retail environment and customers change, Stein continues to evolve her store to be there for the new needs.

“We do our best to be available to our customers in every way they could want us to be,” she said. “We are brick and mortar, we are online and we are mobile.”

“We encompass all types of runners and walkers in our team and in our workout groups,” she added. “We know people don't just run or walk, sometimes they swim, sometimes they bike, some hike. We want to know all of them. Unfortunately we know some folks are in pain at work or in life and we can help them be more comfortable too.”