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Campbell, CA Chris Schenone

Google map image centered on Running Revolution, 511 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
511 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

Like most run specialty shop owners, Chris Schenone got into the sport at a young age in track and cross country. As an adult, Schenone had a dream to ‘run’ a business, and saw the running specialty industry as his parachute out of corporate America.

18 years ago he opened Running Revolution in Campbell, CA - just outside of San Jose. In the early days - without the distractions of the internet and cell phones - the store’s atmosphere was an intimate experience. The staff focused on one pair of shoes at a time.

“We still attempt to stay hyper focused on the each individual that we work with,” Schenone said.

His general philosophy for the store simply comes back to customer service.

“We have the time to get to know our fellow runners and walkers in a way that most businesses can't do,” he said. “And we don't let technology consume us. We still believe in spending all the time needed to diagnose and satisfy our customers’ needs.”