The Runner's Edge (IL)

Wilmette, IL Bob Klein & Nancy Schultz

Google map image centered on The Runner's Edge (IL), 1515 Sheridan Rd, Wilmette, IL 60091
1515 Sheridan Rd, Wilmette, IL 60091

There’s no better way to see the Chicago lakefront than with a run. That’s how The Runner’s Edge co-owner Bob Klein first chose to get into the sport. As for getting into the business of selling running shoes, Klein saw it as a great opportunity to be a part of this ‘new’ industry. That was 25 years ago.

Today The Runner’s Edge has two locations outside of Chicago with a growing community that is always interested in the latest technical apparel and newest running shoes. The store sponsors a number of local races to give back to the running community.

“We are interested in each and every runner that comes through our stores,” Klein said. “We have been able to personally connect with the customer and work with each of them to solve a particular issue they may have, or just enable them to be excited and happy to find what is best for them.”

The store’s approach with every customer is simple: be honest, sincere, and listen to what they want and need. With that, they’ve been able to develop the long-term relationships from the first day they were in business.

“We now have a long list of original customers that have brought their high school and college age children back to experience The Runner's Edge as they have for years and years,” said Klein. “That’s a great feeling for us in today’s retail world.”