Red Coyote Running and Fitness

Oklahoma City, OK Burke & Jon Beck

Google map image centered on Red Coyote Running and Fitness, 5720 N. Classen Blvd, Ste. 1, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
5720 N. Classen Blvd, Ste. 1, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

It’s your typical running specialty store fairy tale. Two collegiate runners meet while working at a running store, fall in love and open up their very own renowned running shop. While Jon and Burke Beck might make it look that simple, it’s been years of a lot of work to get their business where it is today.

The two met while working at Road Runner Sports in San Diego. After co-managing the shop together, they realized they shared a dream of someday opening their very own store, together.

In March 2010 the Beck’s opened up a 2500 square-foot retail shop with five employees in Oklahoma City, called Red Coyote Running and Fitness.

“The entire staff worked extremely hard in the early days,” Burke said. “We worked seven days a week open-to-close. When we opened Red Coyote, our goal was to offer more organized running and fitness opportunities to our community.”

Oklahoma City is repeatedly voted one of the unhealthiest places in the US to live and Red Coyote was determined to play a small part in changing this.

“Our Red Coyote community has exploded over the past seven year,” she said. “Our running community is the backbone of our store, we think about our community in every business decision we make.”

The store gives back over $100,000 in donations and race sponsorships every year. They also work very closely with programs like Girls on the Run, Boys and Girls Club, and Cleats for Kids - which outfits more than 1,500 kids per year in shoes.

“It is really special to be small business owners,” Burke said. “Every decision you make, every hour worked, every sale rang through the register has a direct impact on our livelihood, and the livelihood of our team. It is stressful at times, but extremely rewarding. In small business, like running, you see the results of your hard work in improved performance.”

Representing the true American spirit, Red Coyote is unique, innovative, inclusive and independent.

“As the owners of Red Coyote we feel grateful each time a customer chooses to shop with us,” Burke said. “Every purchase goes towards making our community a healthier and better place to live. We believe that human interaction matters and that as our world becomes more digital, that we will continue to offer human interaction, knowledge and social opportunities to connect with others.”