Endurance House Indianapolis

Zionsville, IN Jay Miller & Justin Roeder

Google map image centered on Endurance House Indianapolis, 640 S Main St #400, Zionsville, IN 46077
640 S Main St #400, Zionsville, IN 46077

At its core, passion is what has fueled and inspired Justin Roeder to open a running store outside of Indianapolis. Three years ago, Endurance House opened its first location in Zionsville, Indiana then one month later opened another store in nearby Fishers. But long before these stores existed, Roeder’s passion for the sport of running has always been there.

“It started as a way to get in shape for soccer, baseball, and basketball, but quickly turned into something I really enjoyed beyond the exercise standpoint, “ he said.

His talent for the sport led him to a high school state championship title and onto a collegiate cross country team at Butler University.

“Running now keeps me connected to our community with former high school friends, teammates, mentors, coaches, and teachers,” he said. “We show up for the race, but stick around for the community.”

In the early days of the stores, both communities had small running scenes, but as the area has grown recently, so have the running groups.

“We will see fifteen to twenty people show up on a hot ninety-degree summer night for an easy 5K run,” Roeder said. “On some Saturdays we will host our local YMCA running group where fifty to sixty first-time half marathon participants gear up for their next long run in preparation for our May half-marathon.”

Endurance House helps all types of runners, from those wanting to walk a 5K, to completing a marathon. When asked what makes Endurance House different from its competitors, Roeder talked about meeting all needs.

“Whether you are a beginner or elite we feel our atmosphere and staff offer a no intimidation approach to make sure all your swim, bike, and run needs are met,” he said. “There is no magic ingredient. Just great customer service day in and day out.”